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Our Mission is to Provide the

Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Price.

Our Mission is to Provide the Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Price.

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Beginning with the bills due on April 14th, water rates will be increased. According to the water utility rate and cost of service study completed in January 2022 for CLGW by BHMG, Kennett had the 26th lowest water rate of 514 municipal water systems in the state of Missouri. Having low rates is good, but not at the expense of enduring significant and continuing financial losses. For these reasons we must increase our rates to support the needed infrastructure upgrades. Based on the use of 3,600 gallons of water, the water portion of your utility bill will increase by $1.25. In addition to the water rate increase, a capital improvement fee will be added to all water usage to raise funds to pay for a new Water Treatment Plant. Our current Water Treatment Plant was built in 1954 and is still in operation today and meets the water quality standards for clean drinking water set by the EPA and Missouri DNR. The building is structurally unsound, and the technology and equipment are outdated. The capital improvement fee will be $2.50 for the first 1,000 gallons of water used and $0.25 per each additional 100 gallons up to 14,000 gallons.

Also beginning with the bills due April 14th, natural gas and electric rates will be increased. To keep pace with the cost of materials and equipment needed to provide essential utility services to our customers, we must increase rates. KBPW strives to provide the best possible service, at the lowest possible rate for our customers. And we continue to hold some of the lowest utility rates in our region and state, 4th lowest residential electric rate in Missouri as of 2022. Based on the use of 800 KW of electricity, the electric portion of your utility bill will increase by $2.33. Based on 40 CCF of natural gas, the natural gas portion of your utility bill will increase by $1.04, this is for the rate increase only and does not include any purchased gas adjustment assessments. Sewer rates will remain unchanged.

KBPW has provided utility services to the citizens of the City of Kennett for over 80 years. We do this safely, timely, and reliably thanks to the support of our customers. Through a diversified energy portfolio and the ability to generate electricity when market costs are high, KBPW was able to save our customers nearly half a million dollars over the year. KBPW will continue to do our part to find ways to reduce expenses and still provide safe, timely, and reliable utility services for our customers. We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2024.

Unclaimed Property Report

Click the link below to review the Unclaimed Property Report.

Unclaimed Property Report

Copper Piping

Are you still using old, outdated copper lines for your natural gas system? See why it's time to make a change at the link below.

Copper Piping Website

Public Notice

Fire Hydrant Inspection & Maintenance
April 17th - September 29th

The City of Kennett will begin its annual fire hydrant inspection, maintenance and flushing program on April 17th and will continue through September 29th. Inspection, maintenance, and testing hours will be Monday–Thursday 8am to 4:30pm. There will be no work performed Friday’s or weekends. All fire hydrants will be inspected within the City of Kennett. Due to the complexity of this project and the size of our water system itis very difficult to determine which day testing will be conducted in a specific area.

The inspection, maintenance and flushing of fire hydrants is required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Insurance Service Office (ISO). Water quality & safety is our primary reason for the flushing program. Flushing hydrants will also meet ISO requirements to help lower fire insurance costs. Hydrant flushing provides your local fire department the knowledge base needed for general water volumes available, firefighting operations and whether there are any major flow changes. Hydrant maintenance is critical to fire suppression and the protection of life and property.

How may this process affect you?

You may notice a drop in water pressure during testing and the water may also become slightly discolored after testing. If you experience discolored water, you may wish to run water from one or more faucets for a couple of minutes until the water is clear again and you may wish to do so prior to cooking, bathing, or washing laundry. The discolored water is nonhazardous but can stain clothing. If your water does not clear within 24 hours, please contact City Light Gas & Water, 573-888-5366. You can also visit our web page at http://www.clgw.net/dept_watertreatment.php for additional information on discolored water.

The Kennett Board of Public Works would like to thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience with us during this operation, as we are working to maintain the level of water quality & fire safety that you deserve and expect.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact City Light Gas & Water at 573-888-5366.

Utility Scam Factsheet

Scammers Target Utility Customers

Scams targeting utility customers are on the rise, according to reports across the nation. Municipal utility customers in Missouri are included among those getting recent fraudulent calls from scammers threatening power shutoffs, demanding immediate payments, or requesting personal information.

CLGW cautions customers that they should never give personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller. CLGW will never demand immediate payment over the phone.

Signs that you are dealing with a scammer

Utility companies, consumer protection agencies, and the Federal Trade Commission regularly receive complaints from consumers about utility bill scams. Here are some signs to beware of when dealing with an unknown caller:

If you think a fake utility bill collector or any other scammer has contacted you, report the contact:

*From MPUA Public Outreach Resources*

Levelized Billing Available at CLGW

Starting May 1, 2014 CLGW will offer Levelized Billing to its customers. We will use your past 12 months usage to calculate your monthly payment and add 5% to help cover the possibility of higher bills due to extreme weather. Customers will be required to "true up" at the end of each year, which means we will write you a check for any overpayments or bill for underpayment. In order to qualify for equal pay, customers must meet the following requirements:
• Must be a customer for a year at the same location.
• Not more than two payments past the due date in the last 12 months
• No returned checks in the last 12 months
• No non-pay disconnect in the last 12 months
• Must set up auto-payment via ACH, Debit or Credit Cards
If you have any questions, call our office at 573-888-5366.

Water Line Insurance

Several customers have reported receiving water line insurance offers. We want all our customers to know that this is not associated with CLGW. Please discuss this offer with your insurance agent.

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